Wine Club Reviews

Chris WilliamsHi, let me first start by introducing myself. My name is Chris Williams, and you’ve found my site on wine of the month clubs and my review on my favorite four.  Please remember though that this site is primarily for information and my personal opinion on the different wine of the month clubs that I’ve tried. If you looking simply looking to join a wine of the month club, click here for my personal favorite, WSJ Wine Club.

Of course, the Original Wine of the Month Club started in 1972 by Mr. Paul Kalemkiarian continues to be one of the best. I highly recommend checking them out as you research options.  To view the original Wine of the Month Club’s current offerings, you can click here.

Why am I writing this? Well, for most of my life I have been a wine nut and I have actively sought out as many different tasting as I could. I always felt as though I was stuck in a rut with different wines and I needed to find a way to broaden my tasting experiences with a little expert help. I started looking on the web to see what wine clubs people were most likely getting involved in and to my disappointment, I found was that there weren’t many real reviews of wine of the month clubs around.

I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points of four wine of the month clubs I’ve joined, so if you’re just looking for a place to buy wine of the month club memberships, you may want to leave now. Also, click here for Pinot Grigio information.

If you’re looking to expand your wine universe, you have plenty of options. You could go to the local wine shop and surf the shelves, but for the savvy wine consumer, it’s easy to jump out of your wine buying comfort zone with a new membership to a wine of the month club.

My Three Favorite Wine of the Month Clubs

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club

My absolute favorite wine club has been The Wall Street Journal Wine Club. They offer the single greatest wine learning experience and education included with every bottle you receive. The price is the lowest of all the reputable clubs and the variety of wines they send from all points of the world is incredible.

Additionally, the offer a free gift with your membership purchase and corkscrew set that has found a new home on my favorite cheese board.

The WSJ Wine club sends 12 bottles of handpicked wine every 3 months. Each bottle includes an informational piece including where the wine came from, information on the growing season and very interesting reading on harvest techniques that lend to each wines unique flavors.

WSJWine Save $120


Laithwaites Wine of the Month Club

Laithwaites is one of the largest wine clubs in the world and is based out of jolly old England. Due to their enormous buying power, they have an exceptionally broad range of wines in their offering.  While throwing around their size gets them amazing deals, they have a tendency to focus on large scale vineyards instead of limited vintages.  What I do like about this type of focus on the large scale, is that if I like a bottle from Laithwaites, I can usually pick up the same bottle at my local wine shop. I recommend Laithwaites for people that are not ultra-connoisseurs and simply want to experience wines that they would not normally try.

Wine club

Virgin Wine Club

I was shocked when I first learned that Virgin was running one of the largest wine clubs in the world. What would an airline company be doing with a wine of the month club and how good could it possibly be?  The answer, VERY GOOD!  Virgin doesn’t sell their wines directly as they have contracted with a third party to handle the wine club business.

Virgin’s introductory offer is a great way to get started in the world of wine clubs. You’ll receive a case of good-quality wine for just about $6 a bottle plus the ever-important bottle by bottle wine education. Each quarter you will receive a case of hand selected wines for $139.99 at the time of my writing.

Virgin Wine Club